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Private Place Memorandums

A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM or “Offering”) is the key element when raising capital in the real estate industry for development, residential and commercial trust deed lending and the acquisition, management and disposition of REOs and performing and nonperforming notes. A PPM includes all securities disclosures, marketing, prior performance, long-form term sheet risk factors and tax/regulatory disclosure and investor qualification and subscription. It is critical that one comply with all of the legal procedural guidelines from inception to dissolution. Federal Reg. D and State Laws require strict adherence for clients raising and managing investor funds. Our firm is able to assist clients who seek funds from parties in California or out of state.

If you are looking for investors residing outside of California, you will need to comply with Federal Regulation D. The securities offering to invest must be limited to primarily accredited investors. Compliance with Regulation D is necessary from the promotional material (including avoiding any misleading information) to the inclusion of the risk factors involved with a company that is not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Any investments from California residents must be accredited under California guidelines that are less restrictive then SEC. California does not require a preexisting relationship with investors and allows preapproved print and mass mailing advertising and solicitation.

Our firm assists with the selection, documentation and registration of private placement memorandums, subscription agreements, and the managing corporations and limited liability companies. Federal and/or state registration is determined after interaction with the client and review of the client's business plan, state of residence, method of prospective investor contact and individual and total minimum and maximum offering amounts.