Family Documents and Information:

  • Current wills and/or trusts, if any
  • Names of immediate family members and birth dates
  • Copies of deeds to real property (for title purposes) and any information regarding present fair market value
  • Manner of title holding of any stock (how the ownership appears on the
  • certificates) and value of each stock
  • Name(s) of insured, face and cash value amounts and policy number(s) of life insurance
  • Any available financial statements
  • Copies of any gift tax returns filed
  • Last three years’ personal income tax returns (upon request only)

Business Documents:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Corporate minute book and stock certificates or register
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Summary plan description of any profit-sharing or pension plan (upon request only)
  • Last three years’ business income tax returns (upon request only)